Directplay Win 10 Problems

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Directplay Win 10 Problems

Postby Tahoma on Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:04 pm

Sorry for starting new topic again...but I just can't seem to find recent posts relative to my specific problems.

I first noticed on gameranger, that while I could participate in hosted games with no problems, I could no longer host games. So, i got an old friend online and tried setting up some Links/Online/Direct Connect play. He can still host on gameranger, and he could successfully host a direct IP connect game. When I tried direct connect game he got failed connection failure...same as was happening in gameranger..

GR (gameranger) had me try to host a round...they created the logfile for me to send to them. From what I could get out of the failed hosting attempt was that the orig path to the directplay executeables had changed...and that I no longer was getting to them..

Upon further research, it turns out that microsoft does not wish to support directplay under win 10, and in fact had moved the files to an alternate place...

I do have legacy checked under directplay in windows apps...and I do have all the proper ports open as per portforwarding docs...if it was only GR where I couldnt host, i would assume its an account issue, but when i got same failed connect just using internal game direct connect option, I begin to believe that I'm just not getting to the correct path to the necessary directplay apps which are required specifically for hosting ????

Any thoughts ???
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Re: Directplay Win 10 Problems

Postby lstouradmin on Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:34 am

Is anyone else having this same problem?

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Re: Directplay Win 10 Problems

Postby MrChaucer on Wed Nov 21, 2018 11:05 am

Direct connect can be pretty tricky.... and not particlarly related to Win10. I had problems regularly until I picked up a comment somewhere on a blog that solved the issue for me. Try contacting your Internet Service Provider and ask them to provide you with a Permanent IP address. They did for me and I had no subsequent problems.

re Win10, I know a number of Links pepole using it - some of whom I play with - who have no trouble at all with hosting or joining games at GR, so I don't think what you are experiencing is inherent in Win10.

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Re: Directplay Win 10 Problems

Postby Tahoma on Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:34 am

I think perhaps I have not properly explained my situation...I have been running windows 10
for quite sometime with links...and on my previous system, my links was built over the years
from Links 386 pro....up to 2003 v 1.07 with the purchased software disc's. That system perished during the transition to my new alienware beast. My bad. So, I came back to LSPN
and purchased the downloadable version. My links build on the old system worked fine under
win 10, and even with a dynamic IP address I could host and play direct IP games, and I could
both play and host on gameranger. You must have the links executable running in win 7 compatibility mode under win 10...and of course you must have windows app set to legacy
directplay checked. My hosting problems only began once I started using the downloadable
version of Links. (problem with dynamic IP is that once the router decides to change your IP
to a diff address you lose/have to redo your port forwards). Everything in Links 2003 v1.07
is working fine on this new system with 2 exceptions...
1. as i mentioned in a previous post....if I try and access news manually or automatically, I get
a duplicate free error on exit...for that i simply set code to only check news on demand (not sure why i have trouble asking for news with new code on this system)

2. This particular directplay issue which I am pursuing.

With respect to Marks reply to my original post....I am trying to determine if anyone else is
seeing these issues with the new downloadable version of links. That has been my intention
from the posting on this forum.....

Finally...I will try and post the failure log I get from GR....only when I try and host a game
As I am currently setup...I can join and play fine directplay IP games and GR games...I just cant for some reason HOST either with new code/system.

-- Email the contents of this log file to <>
-- Log Opened: Thu Nov 15 11:28:43 2018
Game: Links 2003
Path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Links 2003\LinksMMIII.exe"
Compatibility Mode: "$^ DWM8And16BitMitigation IgnoreFreeLibrary<LNKSTOUR.DLL>"
Launch Type: Hosting
Game Description: "Test Launch Please"
Players: 1/2
GameRanger Account: 9468604
GameRanger Name: "Tahoma"
Launch Error: 58
Windows Version: 6.2 (Build 9200) 64bit
CPU Type: 64bit
CPU Count: 28
LaunchHit: 0
LaunchCPErr: 0
RegChanged: 1
Check: 1,1,1,1
Check2: 0,0
Check3: 0,0
Check4: 0
Check5: 0, 0
DirectPlay Result: 00000000
dplay.dll Version: Not found
dplayx.dll Version: 10.0.17763.1
dpnet.dll Version: 10.0.17763.1
dpnwsock.dll Version: Not found
dpwsock.dll Version: Not found
dpwsockx.dll Version: 10.0.17763.1
dpnsvr.exe Version: 10.0.17763.1
dplaysvr.exe Version: 10.0.17763.1
12235:M:6528: Reg before: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
12235:M:6528: RegOpenKeyEx failed: 2
12235:M:6528: Reg before: HKEY_CURRENT_USER
12235:M:6528: RegOpenKeyEx failed: 2
12236:M:6528: RegCreateKeyEx HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE failed with err: 5
12236:M:6528: Reg after: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
12236:M:6528: RegOpenKeyEx failed: 2
12236:M:6528: Reg after: HKEY_CURRENT_USER
12236:M:6528: Begin values:
12236:M:6528: 1: CurrentDirectory: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Links 2003'
12236:M:6528: 2: Path: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Links 2003'
12236:M:6528: 3: Guid: '{9853a461-efca-4d67-9d03-2b5d6e0d84fb}'
12236:M:6528: 4: Launcher: 'LinksMMIII.exe'
12236:M:6528: 5: File: 'LinksMMIII.exe'
12236:M:6528: 6: CommandLine: '-lobby'
12236:M:6528: End values:
12236:M:6528: W: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Applications
12236:M:6528: - Changed

As I mentioned previously....I dont have total confidence that my GR account might be hosed so I only put so much stock in this log failure...but the several times I have tried direct IP connects I also am in the situation where i can join and play direct IP games, but when I attempt direct IP host...just as in GR others simply get failed connect msg.

Thanx in advance for any further assistance.....
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Re: Directplay Win 10 Problems

Postby Joe Jitters on Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:04 pm

I am not certain this is the same problem others are having, but some of their symptoms are similar to mine. I have been unable to host a Links game for about a year. At this time I am away from home, renting a house in Arizona with no access to the router here. I use the same computer at both locations. It was at this Arizona location in early 2018 I first noticed that when I attempted to “create” a game via direct connect within the Links game I would get a “connection failed” error. I also found that I could no longer host a game in Game Ranger. I was able to join games via Game Ranger and direct connection. I assumed the problem was caused by the router or firewall at this house and that it would go away once I returned home. When I did return home and hooked up to my router with the correct ports open, static IP etc., I was still unable to host or create a game.
I have the original Links 2003 game, have played Links for over 20 years and am familiar with how to play online and through a router. I am unable to determine exactly when I stopped being able to host or if it coincided with a Windows 10 update. I realize I am limited as to what I can try here without having access to the router ports, but if I can get to where I am able to create an online game I believe my problem would be solved. I am open to suggestions. Thanks, Ron
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Re: Directplay Win 10 Problems

Postby Tahoma on Fri Nov 23, 2018 11:57 am

Some additional followup on my research into my directplay issues. Last evening I played a round on GameRanger with a gentleman who uses the 6.99 downloadable version of links from LSPN...under win 10....and he has no issues "Hosting" on GR. We never got time to test him hosting a direct IP connect game...but he had no probs in GR. Theoretically, this should eliminate both the downloadable code, and Win 10 as being the cause of my issues. To me, this indicates that my problems ARE most likely router/port related.

Here are my port settings as per

6073 UDP
47624 TCP
2300-2400 UDP/TCP

In GR, on occasion I have recieved a NAT router msg indicating that I might not be able to connect with some routers....the suggested fix for this is to open port 16000 UDP. I have used that in the past, but wont add that back in unless I see this NAT msg.

Last but not least, I have not switched over from dynamic to static IP yet which may be an important part of the puzzle. But, I do have 1 last observation from my attempts....
There are 2 IP addresses for the system...internal IP vs External IP. When I attempt to host a game on gameranger, it tells me i'm using the External IP address (97.126...yada yada). But when i try to host a direct connect IP round through the game, it tells me I'm using the Internal IP address (192.168...yada yada)..a more internal system type address. Not sure if this is ok or not..
dxdiag command shows all well with directplay stuff, and as I go, I'm tracking my addresses using the DOS win ipconfig /all command.
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