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Postby RoyHiggi on Fri Aug 25, 2023 3:57 pm

Cant remember playing this course before and didnt play it well but some strange happenings:
1 Hit a putt into the center of the hole and I am sure at the right pace from about 12 feet. Ball hit the back of the hole bounced back over the hole, hesitated and then rolled back into the hole

2 Another putt i thought was spot on , about 11 feet. Got the power right but it stopped on the edge of the hole.... don't know how long ,maybe 10 seconds and then dropped in!

3 hit an approach a little hard and it sort of landed squeezed between the rim of the hole and the flag and bounced to 12 feet. Nothing really unusual and could have been worse but the game then froze. Waited a few minutes , even went for a drink...nothing. Always a reboot of the pc when that happens but could not get out of Links. Played about to see if I could sort but not having a clue what I was doing and somehow from nowhere the game restarted with the approach shot. Weird!
so I carried on played that hole before getting a fatal error and Links crashed. I tried to restart it but it wasnt having it and Links wouldnt load saying I wasnt connected to the internet, which I was.

Had to reboot the pc and got a big shock when Links loaded, I was able to carry on and finish the round :D :D

I suppose it was some kind of glitch in my pc at the end but certainly something I didn't understand
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