Just FYI on an experience I had

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Just FYI on an experience I had

Postby GoesForIt on Fri Apr 21, 2023 4:51 pm

On my LINKS dedicated computer, I tried to install a patch that would allow me to move my taskbar to the right side of the screen (it was covering the bottom of links). Well, it whacked my computer.

1) Off to the GEEK squad to get Windows re-installed.
2) Computer back home and all seems well
3) Reinstall of Links 2003 1.07 seemed fine until I tried to run it.
4) Links always comes up first in full-window mode, not window mode and NVIDIA was not handling that. The screen just started blinking when it tried to switch to full screen.
5) I tried a couple of time without success. So, I got Links2k3_nvidia_win7_FINAL.exe and ran it after yet another install of LINKS and finally, that solved the problem. Funny because it's supposed to be an old Windows 7 patch I think. I ran it out of desperation.

One odd thing, is even though my screen resolution is still max at 1920 x 1080, when I went into GRAPHIC SETTINGS the same LINKS resolution that I'd used before was not available. I had to use a bit wider aspect ratio... but it's fine. Also, in the middle of a round, something started making things jump all around. When I invoked TASK MANAGER, I could see something Windows was doing was grabbing tons of CPU time. Probably some sort of background update since the Windows is new.

Okay, there you have it.
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